First time over 30 miles

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First time over 30 miles

Postby ChrisAOnABike » Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:10 pm

What a fortnight! From a confused newcomer without a bike, to proud owner of a Giant Defy 3 with 145 miles under my belt.

So today I decide to venture a bit further afield. I took some muesli bars and a 600ml bottle of fruit juice, and managed to clock up 38 miles. I stopped several times to look at the map, so my moving time is very different from my elapsed.

Back in my running days, any kind of distance used to leave me in quite a bit of pain (shins mostly), but apart from tired legs, today I feel great. I'm wishing I'd switched from running to cycling years ago.

Couple of questions:

- I notice Strava calculates the average speed based on the moving time. Is that what people usually quote, or should I be using elapsed time to calculate the average?

- Given that I had quite a few several-minute stops to have a drink and decide where to go next, does that still count as a 38-miler? What's the etiquette for quoting distance covered around these parts?
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Re: First time over 30 miles

Postby Cleat Eastwood » Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:27 pm

Use what ever average you're happy with the moving speed is normally only a couple of mph faster - if that.

I'd take your time as 02:39:43 and be very pleased with it - well done. You could stop for a 3 course meal if you wanted but you will have still done 38 miles - which after a few weeks is no mean achievement. You'll find as you do more distances that you'll take less food and water - its a all a learning curve - enjoy it. :D
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Re: First time over 30 miles

Postby ForumNewbie » Sun Oct 14, 2012 16:19 pm

If you were in a sportive your average speed is calculated on your start time to your finish time. i.e. Elapsed Time. But on a normal ride I think most people don't include time for stops, so moving time is okay to base your average speed on. However in Garmin Connect my stats show 3 different times - Moving Time, Time and Elapsed Time. Usually all a bit different, but I'm still not sure what the difference is between Time and Moving Time! It bases average speed on Time and there is also a Moving Time average speed.

Yes, a 38 mile ride is 38 mile ride irrespective of stops.

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