Replacing my drivetrain help

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Replacing my drivetrain help

Postby dave2041 » Fri Nov 09, 2012 11:46 am

Hello guys,

I have this bike and it has been neglected a little (chain hasn't been replaced in 2500 miles :(

So i need to replace the chain, cassette and front chainrings. I want to do this myself, so i'll need these tools:

* chain splitter,
* cassette removal tool,
* chain whip,

I will be buying these tools from a set on eBay probably or the set currently in Aldi for £20.

These are the parts I'll buy so far:


I need advice on replacing the front chain rings as i can't seem to find any suitable ones on CRC (grey, 34/50) and any other tools i may need.

Thanks for your input.

Additionally if there is any reason I shouldn't get the components above, or if others are better please let me know :)

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Re: Replacing my drivetrain help

Postby gosport_commuter » Fri Nov 09, 2012 22:35 pm

Hi, what you have listed should be fine - you may have to remove the chainset to gain access to the bolts (torx head i believe) - if so you might need the relevant tool.

with regards to the chain rings you can get them here: ... gn=froogle ... g-ec028830

The outer is very expensive, but unless your current chain is badly stretched it is unlikely that you actually need to change it - have you checked you chain for actual wear?

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Re: Replacing my drivetrain help

Postby gezebo » Sun Nov 11, 2012 22:46 pm

Are you using that bike to commute?!

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