Upgrade or new bike?

What bike and bike bits should you buy?
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Upgrade or new bike?

Postby rudivoller22 » Tue Nov 13, 2012 13:11 pm


I currently have a Focus Cayo with 105 hroupset and the standard wheels that came with it. I bought it as my first road bike and have found it great, light and reasonable fast. I am now riding a lot more and doing about 6/7 triathlons a year as well as some sportives.

Getting to stage now where i want to either get a new bike or upgrade. Have around £1500 tops, so question is can i get a much better bike for that kind of money? (Have seen some second hand Tarmacs, Madones etc) or would i get more bang for my buck sinking some cash into upgrades? i have had a bike fit and fitwise the bike is fine so no issues there. Other than wheels (thinking maybe some RS80s?) where would i best be spending the money? Assume i wouldnt get much benefit for the cash upgrading 105 to Ultegra??

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Upgrade or new bike?

Postby Dru » Tue Nov 13, 2012 13:29 pm

although it's nice to say new bike it's probably practical to say the cayo with 105 is a very good base.

MY mate got one a few years ago and is still riding it.

the only thing he did was change a few contact points (bars/stem) and bought a pair of race wheels (he got the prolite 50mm clinchers) but the RS80's would be a good shout - depends if you want to go carbon and tubs for racing and if thats the case, then get some px ones for arond 500 with tubs and just put them on your racing.. afterall train hard, race smart.

He does a mixture of road riding and triathlons (including several ironman events)

You've not mentioned tri bars, but get a set of clip on's which get you nice and low.

hope this helps??

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Re: Upgrade or new bike?

Postby rudivoller22 » Tue Nov 20, 2012 13:28 pm

Thanks Dru thats really helpful. Think i'll stick with the focus and go the upgrade route. Have had a look at the PX wheels - really want to avoid the faff of tubs so will stick to clinchers but tempted by getting some 50mm carbon wheels and maybe some Ultegra wheels for more hilly routes.

Looking at maybe upgrading the crank and some of the contact points, upgraded to an X Lite stem after the bike fit as needed a shorter one anyway. Any one got ant recomendations on decent bars etc to upgrade to?

Any other suggestions welcomed.


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