Humming sound when climbing

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Humming sound when climbing

Postby TCR3000 » Sat Nov 17, 2012 18:08 pm

Hi,after being an owner of a Giant TCR 3 triple 2002 from new.I decided it was time to upgrade the bike.
After a reluctant sale.....i bought a Giant TCR Composite 1 2013.
Just had my first bikeride today and very pleased with it.
The question is.....
When i stand on the pedals to climb i get a humming sound...very annoying.
Is this a sound from the bottom bracket ?

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Re: Humming sound when climbing

Postby centimani » Sun Nov 18, 2012 08:44 am

Difficult without hearing it, but several things spring to mind, they may be nothing to do with it, but anyway...
Because its a new bike to you, it may feel different, the components are different, its all new (to you).
Spokes...when i got new Fulcrums, i could hear they sounded different. I dont hear it anymore, but it was noticeable at first.
Chain....when i fit a new chain (TBF, to older cassettes), i often hear a mechanical whirring at first. I think its the way they mesh. It goes after a hundred miles or so.
Are you out of the saddle ?..wheel flex causing some rubbing ?

Just a few ideas !

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Re: Humming sound when climbing

Postby smidsy » Sun Nov 18, 2012 17:44 pm

Deep section rims? They make noises.
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Re: Humming sound when climbing

Postby TCR3000 » Wed Nov 21, 2012 17:51 pm

Thank you both for replying to my post.
Didn't realize that i had a reply till today (Wednesday).

The Giant TCR Composite 1 2013 comes with Giant P-SL1,which aren't deep rims,so i can elimenate that Smidsy.
Had some info from a friend who says because the bike is new and everything is tight's just the chain and the cassette bedding in and should disappear after a few 100 miles.
Yes the humming sound is when i am climbing a steep hill and out of the saddle Centimani.

Only done 40miles with it last weekend,so more milage on it this permmitting.

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Re: Humming sound when climbing

Postby ellj22 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 19:16 pm

Check the "b" screw and the limit screws. If the "b" screw is not screwed in far enough it can cause the guide jockey wheel to rub on the cassette. Usually only detectable when in a low gear due to large Cassette ring and slacker chain tension (from being in small ring on the front). This is not always detectable when the bike is in a work stand as there is little force on the chain. this can make a rumbly humming noise or another common problem is limit screws not properly adjusted making the chain not run square on the cassette.

This may be a possible cause, a good mechanic should be able to detect and fix within 5 mins.

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Re: Humming sound when climbing

Postby TCR3000 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 19:50 pm

Hi,thanks for the reply ellj22.
I went on a 30 mile bikeride this afternoon and used the same gearing when climbing(and standing on the pedals).
And the humming sound seems to have disappeared,maybe it was a stiff chain...being a new bike.
Pissed down half way round the route.....but it was worth it :)
That's the dry miles gone out the window :)
Thanks for the reply.

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