Close shave

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Close shave

Postby Daddy0 » Wed Nov 21, 2012 01:57 am

So 6:30pm I'm riding home down a hill in the rain, doing about 25mph in the bus lane in primary position and I see two cyclists ahead. Initial instinct is to catch them up and fly past them, that'll prove how hetro I am etc...

Anyhoo, I remembered the one too many "be careful out there" threads in this part of the forum today and decided to take it easy instead. A couple of seconds later I'm jamming on my brakes because a car screeches out of the next side road on the left, right across my bus lane and only just stops, partially in the next lane, where a white van veers into the oncoming traffic to avoid it. I shout "WHAT THE FAAAAAAAARK" and as I just about stop by the side of the drivers window I see that he has it open and is as high as a kite.

I am 100% confident that if I'd gone with my initial instinct I'd have ended up under an oncoming vehicle with a closing speed in excess of 50mph, i.e. dead. So just wanted to say thanks to the people who post the rider down news, it pretty much saved my life today.

It also made sort out my helmet camera, which I've been too lazy to sort out.

I still caught up with the other cyclists and told one he could do with some lights as I flew past him on a safer part of road. I'm nice like that.

Be careful out there kids!

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Re: Close shave

Postby rjsterry » Wed Nov 21, 2012 07:45 am

Worth reporting the driver, too, if you can. Probably not the first time, nor the last time he'll drive whilst off his face, and sooner or later he'll hit something or someone.
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