24 hour solo events...

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24 hour solo events...

Postby miss notax » Wed Nov 28, 2012 14:20 pm

I have been having strange and scary thoughts about doing a solo 24 hour event next year :shock:

I like 'challenges' and quite fancy doing this as a fundraising thing for Macmillan (very close to my heart at the moment :( ) - but don't know actually how realistic it is! I'm reasonably fit and bloody determined, but just a normal rider as opposed to some lycra clad fitty :?

Anyone any experiences of doing the Mountain Mayhem or similar as a solo rider? I guess you really DO need a support team. Is it fun (with hindsight) or a just truly awful experience?!

I would be interested to hear peoples views / experiences before I go off on one and actually commit to something!

Cheers :D
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Re: 24 hour solo events...

Postby camerauk » Wed Nov 28, 2012 14:26 pm

Have you done a 12hr event before?
It maybe worth trying one of those first
I would say you would need a support crew really as 24hours is a long time and would be nice to have a warm drink/food waiting for you when you stop in the pit area
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Re: 24 hour solo events...

Postby njee20 » Wed Nov 28, 2012 14:46 pm

Support helps, but isn't essential. Particularly useful if it's wet - can clean one bike while you ride t'other etc.

Trouble with Mayhem will be boredom, I'd rather do 24/12 or something that's a more interesting course. That said I did a 12 hour at 24/12 in 2009 and found it tortuously dull.

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Re: 24 hour solo events...

Postby edhornby » Wed Nov 28, 2012 14:47 pm


talk to Jase, he's done lots of this stuff and is a top guy
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