Gps unit

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Gps unit

Postby stocker » Tue Dec 04, 2012 21:38 pm


I had finally settled on a garmin 500. However, I then came across the bryton 50 which is about another tenner and had full maps. Been reading lots on both.

Only downside I think I can see to the bryton can't upload straight to strava but it does have maps which may be of use now and again.

Anyone have a view on either of the above, hopefully someone has owned both?



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Re: Gps unit

Postby hstiles » Wed Dec 05, 2012 16:44 pm

The Bryton uses a browser based app called BrytonBridge which allows you to upload workouts to Strava.

I own a Rider 50 and it's a good piece of kit. Some downsides

The full Rider 50T only comes with a cadence sensor and Heart Rate monitor. Annoying if you want to use the bike on a turbo or for when you have trouble locking onto GPS. However, I managed to solve that problem with a half price ANT+ Motorola speed/cadence sensor. Another plus point for the Bryton is that it paired with the sensor in seconds.

The POI search facility is clunky. No entering a postcode and searching. You have to specify town then road, which is stupid.

For a Bike GPS, some of the routes it suggests are crazy.

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Re: Gps unit

Postby Luv2ride » Wed Dec 05, 2012 19:05 pm

Sorry to bump, but (to hstiles) I also have the Motorola combined speed and cadence sensor running with my Bryton 50. However I can't seem to get distance or av. speed readings when on the turbo - do you have this issue?

Stocker - I'd recommend the Bryton 50, good product for the price and proven to be pretty reliable so far...
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