riding scotland

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riding scotland

Postby nickbec » Thu Dec 06, 2012 19:52 pm

can anyone advise on routes or a holiday in Scotland for next year?

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Re: riding scotland

Postby rstabler11 » Thu Dec 06, 2012 21:00 pm

after about a year of stalking the boards I thought I would post a reply as I have toured in Scotland a few times.

Once we went from Glasgow up to Fort William, out to Skye, back in to Torridon and then across to Inverness, it was a pretty nice route. However I have now been cycling in Skye and every time it has absolutely chucked it down with rain. One thing you can do if you are over that way is Applecross, which I think is meant to be one of Britian's hardest climbs? If memory serves this is how we did it, and it was a pretty special day.

If you want to get away from civilisation, you can head further north. There are youth hostels / campsites dotted along from Ullapool up the coast to Tongue and across to John o'Groats, and that part of the country is SPECTACULAR. You'll probably only see about 1 shop a day though so make sure you stock up :P

Basically if I were you I'd stick by the coast, and Scotland isn't very big so you can probably cover a lot of it.

Anyway that's just my 2c, I'm sure the more experienced guys will have stuff to add

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