HELP: Need MTB tyre choice advice

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HELP: Need MTB tyre choice advice

Postby cnicholl214 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 21:43 pm

hi there, ive a merida matts pro D MTB, ive the standard merida race tyres on it and i find them to drag alot, plus when i weighed them there 820Grams each and a very nobby tread, i do alot of mixed road,hard packed trails etc, and i find when i hit the hills etc it get really tough, (maby im just out of shape lol) im looking for a fast rolling tyre good for road use and hard trails etc, im far from a pro, it dosnt need to be a very durable tyre as i dont give the bike alot of rought riding etc, ive seen the likes of maxxis small block 8 and racing ralphs, but with such a range im lost,

thanks chris

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Re: HELP: Need MTB tyre choice advice

Postby Uli » Mon Dec 10, 2012 08:22 am

Maxxis Ardent or high roller. Not to heavy, good traction and OK on road.

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Re: HELP: Need MTB tyre choice advice

Postby The Rookie » Mon Dec 10, 2012 14:38 pm

The small block 8 is a Kenda not a Maxxis!

For all round conditions, beeing OK in many and master of none, the Panaracer Fire XC Pro is a good bet, the wired are 720g, folders a bit lighter.

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