Watching le tour in person-rules/tips

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Watching le tour in person-rules/tips

Postby ollychristian » Fri Dec 14, 2012 22:02 pm

Very excited as my wife has given permission to got to the alps next July and watch the tour.

Has any one got experience with watching it in the flesh? My main questions are.
1)What are the rules about cycling up the mountains the tour will be coming up, how soon before the caravelle comes along to they close the road?
2) will we be able to park the van anywhere near the bottom of a climb, or just park miles away and have done.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Re: Watching le tour in person-rules/tips

Postby craigenty » Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:14 am

Depends which stage really. On The Ventoux in 2009 the Gendarmes were attempting to close the road to cyclists AND pedestrians at about 10am, although obviously people where finding their way up on the many footpaths through the forests.
In The Alps I've always found it good to study a map and look for alternative routes to get you onto the stage - for example in the past when the race has gone up the Col du Glandon and down The Croix de fer it's been easy to access the race from Allemont to the south.
If you do park away from the race, really think about where you're going to park and bear in mind what direction the Tour is going the next next day and where it starts from.
We watched it on the Galibier once when there was a stage finish and start the next day in Briancon. The road from the Lautauret down into Briancon was gridlocked from 5pm to 2am - some people had a shocker stuck in their cars for over 6 hours.

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