Caad 10 stem and headset

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Caad 10 stem and headset

Postby vespario » Sat Dec 15, 2012 18:48 pm


Was taking spacers out of my headset to drop handlebars and I now can't get it all tight again. There are 4 lead looking pieces with a band round them that have separated from the top cap and am not sure how to reassemble. That bit just seems to drop inside to the bottom?

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Re: Caad 10 stem and headset

Postby thebadgerboy1982 » Sun Dec 16, 2012 09:40 am

I had this issue with a 2009 cannondale synapse. From memory, the fsa fork bung has a cone shaped bottom part that once tightened forces the 4 lead looking parts into the fork. Once i had removed it to adjust the spacers, it never seemed to hold tight. The set up should look like this with a bolt holding the top cap and lower part together ... cap-th883/

After all the trouble I had with it it went in the bin and I purchased this ... on-device/

Would be worthwhile looking at the bearings to make sure the ring that sits between the inner bearing and fork (sorry don't know the official name) is in place. After a lot of felting I also realised that the headset should be tightened befor the stem bolts!

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