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Sport Science/Strength & Conditioning For Cycling

Postby philw80 » Thu Jan 03, 2013 15:59 pm

Afternoon guys & girls, I'm a second year applied sports science student at university and was wondering if any one on here from the North East/North Yorkshire area would be interested in any sport science support I can provide (free). Obviously I would benefit by enhancing my practical skills, and anyone interested could look at strength and conditioning, training to power advice etc? If you are intersted, feel free to comment on here or send a PM and I will get in contact from there.
I am based in Ripon, North Yorkshire and at Teesside for uni and can travel to meet if close enough to either of those two, but can also provide advice and training programs etc online too if required.
I am not charging for this service at the moment, all that I ask is that you give some consideration to being a subject for my dissertation in the summer, where I will be looking at the effects of concurrent strength training on cycling performance.

Cheers Phil

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