Help on MTB shorts sizing...

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Help on MTB shorts sizing...

Postby abbate » Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:04 am

Hi everyone,

I would appreciate any kind of help if possible.
I'm looking for baggy shorts, I wear jeans size 42 and I was thinking about DHB Navo or Dyno or Pearl Izumi Canyon but I'm not sure about size.

According to DHB chart size XXL is 44 inch/112 cm in waist which I believe would be big enough for me...
Also, according to PI chart size their XXL is 107-114 cm in waist, also should be fine.

Problem is I recently ordered ENDURA Singletrack pants and their XXL is declared as 42/44 inch - 106-112 cm but they were way too small :(
I read on some forums and reviews that ENDURA sizing is/can be pretty un-accurate and I wonder if that's true.

Does anybody have any expirience how are DHB or PEARL IZUMI sizes compared to ENDURA...? Is their XXL bigger then ENDURA's...?

Any kind of help or advice would be appreciated...

Regards from Croatia... and wish you happy new year.

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Re: Help on MTB shorts sizing...

Postby cycle monster » Fri Jan 04, 2013 22:51 pm

Find your nearest stockist and try for size. Endura's sizing seems to have a history of causing problems according to previous forum posts.

Stu Coops
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Re: Help on MTB shorts sizing...

Postby Stu Coops » Sat Jan 05, 2013 09:56 am

As already mentioned go try them on somewhere and if they can't price match go online and buy but cycling clothing whether Road or MTB vary widly i'm 12 stone 32 waist and have clothing from all different manufactures from different countries which range from size small to large but all fit me perfectly.

As for the comment about Endura absolutely right there sizing dictates i would need a medium now i can get them on but there snug on the waist but large fit ok with a little room but you will find this with almost all of them.
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Re: Help on MTB shorts sizing...

Postby abbate » Sat Jan 05, 2013 13:55 pm

thanks a lot guys ;)

i visited most of local bike shops but problem is they have quite limited offer...
i guess i'll gamble and give a try with pearl izumi's canyon from online shop.

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