Front Derailleur Problem... ? SOLVED!

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Front Derailleur Problem... ? SOLVED!

Postby mog812 » Sun Jan 06, 2013 13:41 pm

While hopelessly trying to adjust my front derailleur, there was a crack! :oops: my cable went slack, and the chain hopped delightfully down on to the small chainring...
At first I thought I might have broke the cable, but after checking that, I found it to be fine, so I readjusted the cable to take in the slack, made sure that everything was still all good on the small chainring, and large cog at the rear... all good! :D
but then!
when I tried to push the chain up on to the large chainring, it moved all fine, but it does not stay in place :shock:
and consequently drops back down to the small chainring...
Could this be a derailleur problem, or could it be my levers?
Front Derailleur is sora and levers are Tiagra
Well! so much for getting out today... :cry:
Many thanks for your time.

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Re: Front Derailleur Problem... ?

Postby mog812 » Sun Jan 06, 2013 14:03 pm

hold! everything!
oh dear this is... :oops: somewhat embarrassing
just went to put the bike away, thought I'd check the levers again...
being tiagra, I think they can be set up to work with triple rings too... right?
any ways, I'm pushing and clicking, watching the little derailleur working it's stuff...
when :oops: I noticed the cable was slack when the chain was in the lower chainring...
now I'm sure I adjusted it earlier... needless to say I readjusted the cable... :roll:
and hey-presto :D
It's all working delightfully...
So a quick scrub of the hands, and I'll be able to get a few miles in before dark

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