Cheap Maintenance Stand Needed

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Cheap Maintenance Stand Needed

Postby Tegglington » Mon Jan 07, 2013 17:04 pm

does anybody have any recommendations for a cheap maintenance stand?

I have found this one on ebay and it looks okay... ... 35c24bccda

I know Lidl or Aldi did one last year, but didn't have the cash available at the time, is it worth waiting until they get them back in again?

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Re: Cheap Maintenance Stand Needed

Postby RRSODL » Mon Jan 07, 2013 17:48 pm

That looks OK to me.

The one from Lidl looked ok too.

Stands have come down on price since I got mine. I think I paid about £80 for mine but I've seen them for about £65 recently.

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Re: Cheap Maintenance Stand Needed

Postby thistle (MBNW) » Mon Jan 07, 2013 18:13 pm

I got a Lidl one last time around and it's pretty good, even better when you consider the price.

Minor niggles are that it has 4 legs so on uneven ground it wobbles a bit but I can normally manage to get it stable enough to use, and the clamp has 4 little plastic caps on the edges which keep falling off (I'll glue them on at some point).

If you're not in a rush I'd wait for a Lidl/Aldi one unless you see a bargain elsewhere in the meantime. Bear in mind though that not all stores get them, and sometimes they sell out very quickly when they do get them.

Edit: Regarding that one on eBay - do the legs fold up to make storage easier? (unless you've got enough space to keep it out all the time) and does the clamp twist 90 degrees so you can clamp onto your seatpost if required?
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Re: Cheap Maintenance Stand Needed

Postby ChrisAOnABike » Mon Jan 07, 2013 18:17 pm

Tegglington wrote:I have found this one on ebay and it looks okay... ... 35c24bccda

How on earth can they do that for £22 including postage???
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Re: Cheap Maintenance Stand Needed

Postby Cornerblock » Mon Jan 07, 2013 18:20 pm

Don't know about the one you've shown, impossible to tell how sturdy it is from a picture. The Lidl workstand however I can tell you is spot on for what it costs, £29.00 I think I paid last year. Really solid stand for the price, you do need to be careful with the clamping though, making sure it's not set too tight on the frame.

Might be worth contacting Lidl to see if they are planning on selling them again.

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