Suntour Epicon X2 RLD - Rebound issues?

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Suntour Epicon X2 RLD - Rebound issues?

Postby MiGuEl_82 » Wed Jan 09, 2013 23:41 pm


I've just bought a 2012 Epicon but the rebound range seems to be very "short"... there isn't much difference between maximum and minimum rebound. I've compared it with my old RS Tora (coil) and a friend's 2010 Epicon and my 2012 Epicon really seems to be very fast in the "slowest" rebound. I've emailed Suntour Assistance Service and they said that it's normal, the rebound range in the 2012 version is shorter. They said there are about 20% of the rebound range absolutely not usable when riding a bike in a "normal way" .

Anyone with a 2012 Epicon that can confirm this?


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