Tyre width advice

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Tyre width advice

Postby Aguila » Sat Jan 12, 2013 13:09 pm

Hi all,

Yet another tyre thread! Boardman team hardtail, supplied with conti mountain king 2.2 which appear to be made of cheese. Ludicrous number of thorn punctures. Changed to schwalbe black jack 2.1. These are better puncture wise but leave very little clearance up front and have rubbed on chainstays at the back which is odd as they are said to be only 2.1. I use 2.1 ice spikers for snow/ice season which I have no issues with clearance wise. I'm going to replace the black jacks due to the clearance with marathon plus mtb tyres. They come in 1.75 or 2.1. At face value I should be fine with the 2.1 from the conti/ice spiker experience but I'm wary after the black jacks. 1.75 seems a bit narrow.

They are used for commute, quite a bit of road remainder bridleway. Lots of thorn bushes hence no enthusiasm for anything non-bomb proof! Thoughts on relative widths please!

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