Bike2work ,beginner

What bike and bike bits should you buy?
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Bike2work ,beginner

Postby Grinner1982 » Wed Jan 16, 2013 21:33 pm

Hello people,
Been going on rides on my felt hybrid for last year but couldn't keep up with brothers road bikes, so I've decided to get one through cycle to work.
My absolute max price is a £1000 but I wouldn't mind getting some accessories as well within the budget.

Been trying to pick through posts to find what I need but become confused (doesn't take much)
Wanting a bike. That's a bit of an all rounder was thinking giant defy 1. Cube peloton also I think I want shimano 105 components.

For an alround bike am I wanting compact or triple?

Hope this makes some sense to someone.

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Re: Bike2work ,beginner

Postby tomhowells » Wed Jan 16, 2013 22:13 pm

Personally, I'd go for something in the £800 - £850 range, leaving yourself enough a decent lock, lights, helmet. If you already have those with your current bike, then a set of pedals & some half decent shoes would be a good investment.
A spesh Allez Sport is always a good first time road bike, or you could do a lot worse than use than bike builder/special editions at Ribble if you can use your vouchers there?
Happy roading!!
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Re: Bike2work ,beginner

Postby oldwelshman » Wed Jan 16, 2013 22:57 pm

I have racing bikes and winter steed but this has usual road setup so for bike to work scheme I am getting genesis croix de fer which has disc brakes and decent groupset, so I can out "real" mudguards on and less crud on bike as it has discs, can also put winter tyres on for snow/ice :D

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Re: Bike2work ,beginner

Postby passout » Thu Jan 17, 2013 15:01 pm

Ribble Winter trainer with a groupset of of your choice perhaps? Great value & takes guards so you can use all year around (makes a big difference). The Boardman bikes seem good value. Check out Merlin Cycles, Planet X or Vitus bikes (at CRC) too. I have an Aether - really great bikes and will take 28mm tyres, full guards and is comfortable & pretty fast - good all round road geometry, perfect for training or sportives. See: ... _Bike_2011 . Genesis stopped making them because steel became more trendy but you pay for it over aluminium. If buying on line you have got to be very careful about sizing though. In that sense a local bikes hop makes sense - at least you can try before you buy.
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