3t equipment weight? Seat advice

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3t equipment weight? Seat advice

Postby mosa » Thu Jan 17, 2013 20:45 pm

Haven't weighed my alloy bars on my trek madone or stem. I'm building a cervelo s2 and just been looking at the ergo bars & ax stem both in alloy. Are they a lot lighter than run of the mill gear or is it not worth paying the cost.

Also any recommendations for a reasonably priced lightweight seat cheers
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Re: 3t equipment weight? Seat advice

Postby smidsy » Thu Jan 17, 2013 21:00 pm

Well I have a 'as new' charge spoon saddle in white you can have for £15 if you want. Not the lightest but probably one of the cheapest.
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Re: 3t equipment weight? Seat advice

Postby styxd » Thu Jan 17, 2013 21:12 pm

Its not just about weight. Stiffness is what you want really. Ive found the super light alloy bars quite flexy in the drops. If you want really light and stiff bars, get carbon, but it costs.

In my opinion, trying to save weight on bars/stems/seat posts/saddles when you're on a budget is fairly pointless. You want to get components that last and are the correct size/shape for you.

But, a Selle Italia SLR 135g saddles can be had for £40 or so. That'd save you 100g over a charge spoon or similar. No good if its uncomfy though!

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Re: 3t equipment weight? Seat advice

Postby MajorMantra » Thu Jan 17, 2013 21:20 pm

Arx Pro stems are a pretty good compromise of weight/price in my opinion. You can get something a fair bit lighter, but not without spending a lot.

You should choose bars based on the shape that's comfortable - weight is secondary. In any case, the weight differences between good quality alu bars aren't that great.

Saddle is again something you should choose based on what's comfortable.

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Re: 3t equipment weight? Seat advice

Postby Bozman » Thu Jan 17, 2013 21:21 pm

I've got the 3T alloy ergonova bars and Arx stem on one bike and I can't fault them, I have the 3T carbon ergosum bars on another bike and they have flex on the drops, for the sake of 60grms...is it worth the extra? Well I should have stuck with my Ritchey evolution bar because they were light and stiff.
The ergonova bars took some getting used to because I hadn't used flat top bars before but I find them sound now.

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