My back wheel looks like pac man...

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My back wheel looks like pac man...

Postby CookeeeMonster » Fri Jan 18, 2013 14:08 pm

CS3. in between Canning Town and Becton Alps. Debris on cycle path (not unusual, all broken down/crashed cars on the A13 get their broken bits and rubbish dumped here)...avoided a few bits...ran over another...something flicked up, got caught in my back wheel, trashed 6 of my spokes...bosh!!

Went back and there was loads of chopped up branches all over the place, looks like they fell off a lorry or something then were put on the cycle path to stop cars feeling an unnoticable bump...grrrr!!!

After a run of punctures before and after xmas fixed by new tyres this peed me off!!

Nothing more to say...except I'm glad its snowing the next few days so I dont feel bad about not riding ;)
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