Genesis CdF vs Whyte Charing Cross

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Genesis CdF vs Whyte Charing Cross

Postby leecasey » Fri Jan 18, 2013 20:40 pm

Hi, if you had a choice between the two which would you get?

Genesis CdF ... de-fer/cdf

Whyte Charing Cross ... 59&xSec=43

Is the steel frame on the CdF going to feel that much more comfortable than the AL Charing Cross?

I prefer the retro look of the CdF but the Whyte has Tiagra instead of Sora, even though I hear the Sora shifters are much better now.

I can't get to any dealer close enough to test ride them so simple question...

if you had the choice between the two, do not take money into consideration, which would you have and why?

Sorry if this seems a very "personal choice" type of question but I really cannot decide after days of debating. Whichever gets more votes I will get! :roll:

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Re: Genesis CdF vs Whyte Charing Cross

Postby supersonic » Sat Jan 19, 2013 00:12 am

The comfort - only a test ride can sort that out. There is so much rubbish written about frame materials and how they 'feel' - truth is it is how they fabricate it that makes the difference.

Both seem pretty expensive for the weight and spec to me.

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Re: Genesis CdF vs Whyte Charing Cross

Postby bobinski » Sat Jan 19, 2013 08:44 am

If it helps the aluminium frame on my kinesis pro6 is more comfortable than the steel pompetamine frame I had before and that is a frame renowned for its comfort. Carbon fork may make a difference to the front end. Aside from that identical parts on both frames.

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