Changing Langster headset to IS2

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Changing Langster headset to IS2

Postby James_R » Sat Jan 19, 2013 17:05 pm

HI everyone,

I've known for a while the headset on my 2009 Langster is on the way out. After some searching for the last few weeks about changing headsets on Specialized Langsters I came up with very little, some suggestions that Cane Creek IS2 headsets would fit.

This is more to give some feedback for anyone like me needing to replace the standard cage/ball. And to confirm the IS2 headset literally drops in, once you've removed the bearing seats.

Specialized seem to press in to a standard integrated headtube; bearing seats for caged ball bearings. Once you remove these (see pics) the IS2 bearings will slot in the frame. I bought a token complete headset from CRC for £14 (but they have a Tange one on offer for £5.99 which should fit too, has come up since I ordered) ... elID=38688

Anyways, to swap, remove the top cap, stem and slide the forks out. Remove the bearing race from the forks and put on the one provided (for me I have new FACT allex forks which has the contact seat machined in already)

remove the cage bearings

Then with a suitable drift (I had a 28mm socket I'd ground the end down to be flat, so a nice 90degree shoulder to gain purchase on a car nut, but looked suitable with a long extension on it) remove the bearing seats. Mine came out pretty easily about 5-6 taps with a club hammer and holding the frame by hand, so not much force at all needed (maybe the cold weather helped there)

Then simply insert the lower bearings (copper grease optional) and slide the fork on. drop the top bearing in to place and slide the compression ring down.

Now the final bit, top cap and lower rubber seal/spacer from the old headset should be used, I had a small (half a millimetre) gap at the very top like this. then put the stem/spacers on and tighten up. Job took me about 15mins. Way more straight forward than I was expecting.

The two headsets side by side (note its the last two pieced bottom left, which should be retained for reinstalling the new headset) ... .40.07.jpg

What the bearing seat looks like (really big!) with the bearing next to it, the replacement in the back ground ... .40.14.jpg

Steerer tube less the cage bearing cup/seat ... .40.38.jpg

Pic of the bike for reference (old wheels) ... .04.30.jpg

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