XC racing on a Felt Virtue Sport 2011

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XC racing on a Felt Virtue Sport 2011

Postby andrewtuite » Mon Jan 21, 2013 14:09 pm


Im entering XC races this year and I currently ride a Felt Virtue Sport 2011. This would be my second race as I have done another XC race as part of a quadrathon last year. I am tempted to upgrade the front shock, a Rockshox Tora TK coil to a rockshox reba, on the grounds that it will shed weight and also that air will give it more adjustibility. However there are as many people telling me not to upgrade and just go with what I have as there is telling me to upgrade. Im torn between the two options. What do people recommend and also has anyone any experience of actually racing one of these bikes??

Many thanks

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Re: XC racing on a Felt Virtue Sport 2011

Postby Greer_ » Mon Jan 21, 2013 16:49 pm

It's a decent upgrade, so if you have the money I don't see why not! New wheels/forks/tyres are the best way to shave off weight. I'm racing this year on the Carrera in my sig. There's not a lot of the original bike left though!

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