Bike suggestions 1000-1500 with 6 months 0%

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Bike suggestions 1000-1500 with 6 months 0%

Postby evillittlegoat » Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:55 am

My buddy is looking for an upgrade from his carrera vengeance. Has about £600 for a deposit and looking for a deal with 6 months 0% for a total of 1-1.5k but ideally around 1k. General trail duties, a decent fork, full suss preferably but would maybe consider another hardtail.

I had him lined up with a 2011 Trance X4 from Pauls Cycles but the QR fork put him off, so a maxle of some kind is essential. Another friend is suggesting X3 Anthem from Pauls but I reckon it might be a bit steep and racy, personally I tend toward a nice margin of skill compensation on my bikes. Im not a fan of Avid brakes either so cant really back up that recommendation. Anyone spotted anything suitable, or bought something along these lines that theyre happy with?

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