Pinnacle Evaporite bikes

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Pinnacle Evaporite bikes

Postby SecretSam » Tue Jan 22, 2013 20:50 pm

Thinking of getting one of these - Evans' own in-house brand - Carbon Frame, etc at a good price. The Evaporite 2 got a 4 star rating in the C+ Bike of the Year in 2012.

Anyone got one and got any feedback, or anyone else ridden one or know anything about them?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Pinnacle Evaporite bikes

Postby typekitty » Tue Jan 22, 2013 21:06 pm

I do! Haven't had a chance to properly test it out. Got the Evaporite One. Hoping to go for a nice long ride on Saturday.

Feels good so far though, but I've come from a steel-framed single speed. I reckon anything would be impressive from that ;)

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Re: Pinnacle Evaporite bikes

Postby nawty » Tue Jan 22, 2013 21:29 pm

When I was in Evans buying my bike the chap who was advising me steered me away from the Pinnacle bikes saying that the frames were fairly naff Chinese made things and not that good, he said the same about Jamis bikes too.

Now, there seem to be two points of view on this. One is that cheapy carbon frames aren't as good as a good alu frame and people are generally snobbish about alu bikes. The other view is that this is also just snobbery and carbon=win no matter what.

After riding a few bikes (including a Jamis with Di2) I went with the first point of view and ended up buying the Alu framed CAAD 10 Ultegra (at a reduced price) which was, by the way, 0.5-1kg lighter than the carbon bikes at a similar price. I could can got a Cannondale Supersix 105 for a similar but ultimately preferred the overall package of the CAAD 10.

So, in a similar price range I would at least try a CAAD 10 105 (or any other decent Alu bike), if you can find a 2012 model the prices are silly cheap.
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Re: Pinnacle Evaporite bikes

Postby tomhowells » Tue Jan 22, 2013 21:52 pm

Give it a test ride first. I took the Evaporite 2 out when deciding on my current steed, thinking it was an automatic choice. I had it in my head that I was going home with it.
Took it out, took out 3 other bikes just because I was there. Fell in love with a Moda, despite really, really wanting the Pinnacle, until I rode it.

Good luck with your choice! :D
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