Road shoe cleats/pedals

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Road shoe cleats/pedals

Postby simpson » Tue Feb 05, 2013 22:59 pm

Having left cycling when we were using toeclips, straps and cleats, I am now looking for some new shoes but not sure about the modern pedal/cleat systems. I have Campagnolo super record pedals so does that mean that I cannot use modern shoes? Are different brands inter-changeable? Do shoes now come with cleats, or do you buy them according to the pedals that you are using?

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Re: Road shoe cleats/pedals

Postby nolight » Wed Feb 06, 2013 06:09 am

In general 2 types of shoes for clipless pedals: road shoes with 3 holes underneath shoes and MTB shoes with 2 holes.

The cleat goes with the pedal and is the "key" to the pedal's "lock". The cleat screws into the holes in the shoes and is thus fixed on the shoes permanently. 3 screw cleats go with 3 hole shoes.

When buying a new pair of clipless pedals it comes with matching cleats, so just need to make sure the cleats fit into the shoes (2 or 3 holes). Cleats can also be bought separately.

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