Which tool kit?

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Which tool kit?

Postby roverthehill » Thu Feb 28, 2013 20:12 pm

Need to change chain ring, sprocket and rear mech.... Any advice on a beginners tool kit? Some i found:

icetoolz ebay
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ICETOOLZ-Cycl ... 2c64ff8c88

xtools CRC
http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... elID=40997

I would I be better just buying the individual tools?

PS I was told I can use anywhere from a sram x7 to x9 rear mech. is the extra 15 quid worth it for the x9?

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Re: Which tool kit?

Postby Barrelmaker » Thu Feb 28, 2013 21:41 pm

The x tools one is the same as I have, mine is branded as bikehand though. On one are currently doing the x tools one branded as jobsworth for 27 quid though. On the whole for basic garage maintenance the kit is fine, some of the tools are a little flimsy but for the money its spot on.

Here is a link to the jobsworth kit http://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/TOJWTK/jobsworth_tool_kit

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Re: Which tool kit?

Postby Greer_ » Thu Feb 28, 2013 23:00 pm

I have the ice tools kit, chainbreaker works well in it too! It's a very good toolkit, but it doesn't have everything!

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