Canyon Sizing Ultimate CF 177/84

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Nobby Nic
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Canyon Sizing Ultimate CF 177/84

Postby Nobby Nic » Thu Mar 07, 2013 15:14 pm

Hi Sorry, another Canyon sizing thread. :oops:
My Height is 177 (5ft 9 3/4") with an inseam floor to crotch of 84cm, I have relatively long arms and legs.
I`m new to Road riding so I`ve not got much to compare the geo to other than a couple of bikes I`ve briefly tried and the consus was a 54 TT was just about right, I felt a bit stretched on a Supersix 56. Planet X Medium seemed just about right which has a 543 TT.

The Ultimate AL 56 is probably just about right but I can`t decide which size in an Ultimate CF.
Geo is as follows

----------Seat Tube (CT)---TT--Reach--Stack
Ultimate AL 56----545---549----383----560
Ultimate CF 56----550---554----391----568
Ultimate CF 54----530---542----387----558

The PPS says a 56 but I think I`m worried I might be stretched on that, also I`d like a bit of seat post on display.
Would I better with the 54 or would the Seat Tube be a bit short at 530 for my inseam of 84cm ?

Ultimate AL ... ab-reiter2
Ultimate CF ... ab-reiter2

Any help appreciated.

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Re: Canyon Sizing Ultimate CF 177/84

Postby RDB66 » Thu Mar 07, 2013 17:24 pm

Hi Nobby, Im a shade under 6ft tall with a 86cm inside leg...My Canyon Ultimate CF Pro from 09/ a 56 and it fits well.
I reckon you want a 54cm.

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Re: Canyon Sizing Ultimate CF 177/84

Postby chigman » Thu Mar 07, 2013 20:17 pm

Canyon's pps system only seems to be governed by the inseam measurement. Have a play around with it to see for yourself. I have an 82cm inseam which indicates a small (53), but if I tap in 83cm to their calculator it brings up a medium (56) size frame, no matter what the other measurements are. :shock: This is for an 2013 SLX.

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Re: Canyon Sizing Ultimate CF 177/84

Postby mallorcajeff » Thu Mar 07, 2013 21:47 pm

I'm close to you I'd go for a medium. I will when I order

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Re: Canyon Sizing Ultimate CF 177/84

Postby mikenetic » Thu Mar 07, 2013 22:15 pm

I'm very close to your measurements as well, 54cm should fit well, mine does.

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