Defy 4 frame size

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Defy 4 frame size

Postby kmackdci » Fri Mar 08, 2013 14:51 pm

Hi, new on here. Having moved from a 19 inch boardman comp mountain bike to road cycling, I looked at a lot of reviews and was eventually fitted to a 56cm cannon dale synapse. After more looking and trying I ended up buying a defy 4 55.5cm. I am roughly 5.11" and there is very little stand over clearance but I have done a 100 mile cycle from Edinburgh to Newcastle on it of which I was going to use the mountain bike lol. What's confusing me is that a lot of what I read now possibly suggests I should have gone for a medium/large? Admitadly the seat isn't very high from the frame/ bars but I think it's comfy if a little twitchy, but that's no doubt from riding mountain bikes all my life? Any insight would be great thanks

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Re: Defy 4 frame size

Postby StorckSpeed » Fri Mar 08, 2013 15:13 pm

If you managed 100 miles with no significant aches and pains, I would be certain that the bike is the right bike for you and is probably set-up correctly for you.
If you had serious aches and pains in your back, shoulders, neck or arms then possibly not.

Either way the fact you completed 100 miles would suggest it's not far off from being the perfect set-up for you. Bike sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and depending on whether it's a sloping or horizontal top tube. I'd go by how a you feel on the bike rather than rely on a magazine report and what it recommends.
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