Lightweight touring on carbon - possible?

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Lightweight touring on carbon - possible?

Postby OxBoxLaw » Tue Mar 19, 2013 17:36 pm

I currently have a aluminium-framed road bike (2003 Specialized Allez) which has held up very well to putting a rear rack and a couple of panniers on it using the Axiom Streamliner ( ) on the odd occasion when I have done a spot of touring (not too heavily laden).

I am wanting to upgrade to a carbon road bike because my more general use for the bike is for 'normal' road riding and the occasional sportive. However, I am concerned that I probably shouldn't be putting the Axiom rack on the carbon frame. Unfortunately I don't have enough cash (or space) to keep both bikes.

I don't know whether this is a fit of over-cautiousness, or whether it is really not a sensible idea. I am inclined to say that given that I weigh in at a mere 65kg and I would be putting less than 10kg of weight on the rack, that is less than many riders of these sorts of bikes. However, my worry is that the positioning of the additional weight and the different forces will have a damaging effect on the carbon.

Does anyone have any perspectives / experience with using carbon framed bikes and panniers?

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Re: Lightweight touring on carbon - possible?

Postby Mikey23 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 08:22 am

Similar situation... Last year went lightweight touring on defy 4 and had topeak seatpost rack on the back with slide in box. Now have shiny carbon and have been told I can't mount rack on carbon seatpost which I am ok with... Can change seatpost I suppose but am thinking that my defy may be ok and will probably be a less juicy target for a thief. Comments eagerly awaited ...

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Re: Lightweight touring on carbon - possible?

Postby nicknick » Wed Mar 20, 2013 19:08 pm

Mike Hall managed a world record on his carbon machine! Interesting luggage option on his bike, not sure if these were custom made or not? ... ord-34177/

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Re: Lightweight touring on carbon - possible?

Postby ollychristian » Wed Mar 20, 2013 22:02 pm

As nick nick says mike hall did pretty well on his carbon on one dirty disco, I am currently saving for one! ... record-kit

I have done some touring bikepacking style using alpkit airlock xtra bags 13L under saddle and 13L on handle bar. ... ory_id=250
And using Arno straps to hold them on. Works pretty well also made my self a frame bag. Can't wait to get my carbon disco.
13L is enough for "off the bike wear" and I have a 20L that I can get sleeping bag,tarp,bivy, and roll Matt in.

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