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What bike and bike bits should you buy?
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Bike Hunt

Postby triathlonthomas » Wed Mar 27, 2013 00:46 am

Evening all

I got in to road riding about a year ago. I bought myself a Giant TCR 1 (alu frame, mostly 105, c.8.8kg) for £850 as a decent intro bike, with the specific intention of "testing the water" and seeing whether this interest in cycling was anything more than an impulsive fad.

A year on and I've fallen in love with riding. I'm out every weekend, enter sportives, love planning weekend trips etc... so I'm trying to justify splashing out on a bike that I'll treasure and cherish and love to ride.

Would be grateful for some input on the following.

Having never ridden a bike worth more than £1k before, I'm not sure how much of a difference it would REALLY make if I got myself something 2 or 3 times the price. I've been doing a fair bit of investigation into possible options for £2-3k and whilst I can certainly get a lot of spec for that money, and a firmer, nippier, all-carbon frame, I guess I'm reluctant to part with the money if I won't notice a tangible difference.

Been looking at the Canyons which seem to offer incredible value and get rave reviews. In particular, possibly the CF SLX (the mech Ultegra, the di2 Ultegra and the 8.0 with mech Dura Ace). Any thoughts on this? Am I being ridiculous, contemplating a bike that I haven't earned or thinking about spending a lot of money unnecessarily?

Grateful for any advice. Will a 2kg weight saving really make a difference (how much)?

What are people's thoughts on the Canyons? Is there a particular model that people think represents better value for money than the others?

And what other possible bikes would you recommend I look at?

Budget up to £3k. Mostly long rides and weekends but want something firm and fast, also planning to do triathlons and can't justify a TT bike as well as a roadie so it's going to have to be a good roadie for now :)

Thanks very much.


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Re: Bike Hunt

Postby triathlonthomas » Wed Mar 27, 2013 01:04 am

Also, if I do go down the Canyon route, any thoughts on sizing? How do you find the size calculator?

I'm 5'9 with longer than average legs and shorter than average torso. Which frame do you think would be best? 52 or 54?


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Re: Bike Hunt

Postby triathlonthomas » Wed Mar 27, 2013 01:44 am

By longer than average legs, I mean I'm 5'9 but take a 32 or 33 inside leg trouser. I reckon I should be looking at the 52 frame, possibly the 54.

Grateful for advice.

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Re: Bike Hunt

Postby Coach H » Wed Mar 27, 2013 05:08 am

Ultimately only you can answer the question regarding is the cost will be justified. According to my Garmin I am disappointingly consistent on my AL winter bike with full mudguards compared to my summer CF bike with light(ish) wheels. Do I feel faster on my best bike? Absolutely. Am I faster on my best bike? Not a lot. Was the extra cost justified? Most certainly but for how I feel NOT how I perform.

As for Canyon, I have an Ultimate CF which I built from a frameset with donor parts from my previous CF frame. IMHO you would have to spend significantly more money to realistically get better. The SLX may on paper be better but I would like to see the non-pro (and even some of them) who would tell the difference in a blind test. It could also be argued that the CF being slightly less stiff is better suited to real world riding, although how this actutually manifests itself is really only in the imaginations of marketing department. The CF is also more felxible for sizing as the old geometry is still being used.

If it were me in your situation (and I wanted Shimano) I would buy a Ultimate CF with Ultegra. You wont notice a "tangible" difference but it will "feel" far better. Any money you save from your top price could then be used on some coaching, which should do you far more good performance wise than any upgrades beyond this spec. (I would chose Campangolo really as its just better :wink: but it is generally better to stick to the same groupset brand so you can swap parts over if required)

All bikes above £500 or so are perfectly good, performance wise, for the vast majority of the riders who frequent this type of forum. We buy 'better' because we want to. The Canyons offer very good value for money on frames that are easily comparable to the competition.

The Canyon size calculator actually only takes inseam into account. I am 184cm and have a 58, but because of my proportionalely short legs the calculator had me on a 54. Your best bet is to compare your current bikes horizontal top tube length and go from there.
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Re: Bike Hunt

Postby dwanes » Wed Mar 27, 2013 08:59 am

Wouldn't bother with Canyon, without trying one out you will be lucky to get the correct size frame, and spending that kind of money you would want it to be spot on.
Ive seen too many on here where you can quite clearly see they have the wrong size frame.

Go to your local bike shop, simple.

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