OnOne/Formula Hub Bearings - Help Required

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OnOne/Formula Hub Bearings - Help Required

Postby hightidehole » Tue Apr 02, 2013 20:25 pm

I'm running an out of the box On0ne 456 Evo X5 Sector bought July 2012.

The front hub has play in it, this is a on-one branded hub.

Removed the cartridge bearings, which are marked as "Xero 18307-LBLU". Xero and Formula are sister companies, indicating it's probably a Formula hub. Don't know where to get these bearing from as Google searches provide no results.

On One didn't know much about the wheels, waiting to hear back from Xero. Tried repacking the bearing with grease but this didn't work.

Anybody know where I could get some replacement bearings from.



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Re: OnOne/Formula Hub Bearings - Help Required

Postby Monty Dog » Tue Apr 02, 2013 21:09 pm

They're standard industrial cartridge bearings - measure the ID x OD x width in mm and bash into a search engine to get the bearing number.
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