Anygood Kinesis maxlight xc 130

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Anygood Kinesis maxlight xc 130

Postby Stormtrooper » Tue Apr 02, 2013 21:01 pm

I'm thinking of building a new ride using the kinesis maxlight xc 130 frame, I have a boardman comp 2011 hanging up in the garage that's to small for me and using it as a donor bike. I will be riding afan alot as its on my door step aswell as local fire roads.
Does anyone here have this frame how do you find it or is there anything better for the money?

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Re: Anygood Kinesis maxlight xc 130

Postby lawman » Tue Apr 02, 2013 21:41 pm

I had the older xc120 frame for years, was a superb bike if you like the geometry, which at the time it was my main bike I did, but moving onto to more extreme riding I changed my style alot and found it abit lacking, but as an xc bike it was superb, the best I've ridden by a long way, very light, comfy and well priced too. Coming from a boardman I reckon you'll love it!

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