1x10 Chainguides - to Taco or not to Taco

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1x10 Chainguides - to Taco or not to Taco

Postby clamps81 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 14:28 pm

My chainrings are worn, my cassette is shagged and I can no longer be arsed with having a front mech, so I'm taking the opportunity that replacing these worn out parts has presented and am going to convert my bike to 1x10. Zee mech, 34T front ring and jobs a good 'un, but I will need a chain device of some sort and I am crippled by indecision.

At present I'm running an MRP 2x and once setup and it's done more or less what I've asked for, though I've still chucked the chain a few times and grit and mud here destroyed the bearing in one of the jockey wheels after less than a years usage, so not really impressed with that overall.

So, what do I get as a 1x10 guide? And do I really need a taco guard on it, or is that just overkill? I can't get a full guard anyway (unless I want to spend silly money) because of my XT cranks so it's a taco or nowt. Is it worth it? I've never managed to rip my leg open on the chainring, but given the number of times I injure myself it probably will happen at some stage.

At the moment I'm thinking either the superstar plasma (£50) one or an MRP G2 mini (steel) (£65) but I'm open to other alternatives - especially if they save me a few quid. There's no bloody way I'm spending a hundred quid one again, that's for sure. ebay Isn't proving to be as rich a hunting ground as I'd hoped either - was thinking I might be able to grab a lightly used LG1 or something, but not seen a great deal about.

Ideas? Oh, tabs are ICSG 05.
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Re: 1x10 Chainguides - to Taco or not to Taco

Postby milko9000 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 17:08 pm

I could sell you a G2 mini steel. Unused, but unboxed and no bolts, was fitted but didn't work with my frame/chainline so it never actually saw action. I ended up having to use a Blackspire Der Guide.

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