Minor Knee Pain

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Minor Knee Pain

Postby PHILIP1193 » Sun May 05, 2013 09:52 am

Hi All,

Think i know the answer to my own question but i thought i'd seek a bit of extra advice.

Been ramping up how much i ride recently on trails. Strava recons about 30 odd trails miles a week as an average. I must admit from 2 months ago riding not at all I've really taken to like a duck to water.

My seat height is correct and i use flat pedals with proper grippy bottom shoes.

So onto my problem..... the outside of my left knee starts to twinge when i ride hard and mainly up hills as it has more strain on it. I think its a case of RSI as i ride about 4 times a week, which breaks down into about 2-3 rides a week at 8 miles off road and 1 13 miles.

I also find my legs ache a lot, mainly because i doubt they get time to recover.

TL;DR knee hurts, legs ache. Am i not resting enough?

Is my thinking correct?

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Re: Minor Knee Pain

Postby paddyg77 » Wed May 08, 2013 12:05 pm

Have you tried some stretching on your rest days! From not riding at all to regularly, your muscles will be tight. Knee pain could be a tight IT band (runs from hip/pelvis to knee), which can cause lateral knee pain. Google it to find out how to stretch it!

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Re: Minor Knee Pain

Postby Blue Parker » Fri Jun 07, 2013 14:17 pm

I would check the seat height again as I was suffering from the same - lots of pain in tendons on outside of left knee, I changed seat height by only a small amount and now no more pain - my seat was a tad too high (about 5 mm). I hope you get it sorted out.
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