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Advice ,upgrade or new

Postby Andy999 » Sun May 05, 2013 10:19 am


Im in quite a quandry over whether I should upgrade my current bike (if possible) or go for a nice new one.I currently have a Claud Butler Levante,lovely bike that I commute 20 miles to work on.Im taking part in a charity ride in June covering 300 miles over 3 days.With plenty of training taking plave on the Lavante Im starting to think I either need to upgrade or by new.

Can I upgrade from Sora to Tiagra,place to carbon forks and seat post to improve ride and how much would I be looking at.OR should I buy a new Sensa Romagna which look perfect.Im looking to continue riding after the June event with the hope of completing a few Sportives.

As you can tell from my ramblings Im not an expert on bikes.

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Re: Advice ,upgrade or new

Postby SmoggySteve » Sun May 05, 2013 16:53 pm

If your budget will stretch that far, you can't beat that new bike smell.

It wouldn't make financial sense to upgrade the current bike when for a bit more money you can have a whole new and better bike.

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Re: Advice ,upgrade or new

Postby Captain Tiara » Sun May 05, 2013 18:35 pm

You will end up with better value for your money with a new bike.

The frame is the most important thing, followed by groupset , then wheels, then finishing kit [saddle, stem, bars, which are easier to replace/upgrade yourself].

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Re: Advice ,upgrade or new

Postby Carbonator » Sun May 05, 2013 19:56 pm

I would get a new bike rather than spend that kind of money on your current one.
Is the current bike a flat bar hybrid? Are you thinking of a drop bar road bike if you go the new bike route?

Having 2 bikes seems a much better option. Keep the current one for commuting and get a new one for sporty rides.

Seems a big jump in mileage. Whats the longest ride you have done to date? 100 miles a day will be much faster/easier/nicer on a road bike.
What kind of time do you need/want to do the 100 miles in?
If its not quick have you thought about spending such a long time in the saddle?

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