Stereotypes! damn right

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Stereotypes! damn right

Postby Phil Fouracre » Wed May 22, 2013 11:36 am

Give me strength! Riding through our local town today, nothing exciting, or cerebrally challenging happening - picture if you will three lanes, left is bus/bike, middle, then lane bearing right (other two straight on). Not so difficult - Primary position in middle lane, traffic in all lanes, plan to filter to the right at suitable point to turn right with flow of traffic. People carrier (says it all really!) blasts horn, close overtake shouting and gesticulating that I should be in the effing bike lane - really, why? gave suitable gynaecological response, only to have said driver stop, in the bus lane! and tell me that I should be in the bus/bike lane not 'blocking' the very slow moving traffic!! How I asked, was I supposed to turn right if I was in the bus/bike lane, going straight ahead, when I got to the junction? get off and walk, apparently. Something this inbred obviously hadn't done for a while. So, just to prove the stereotype, fat old men are very high up on my list of 'ones to avoid' - apart from that a very pleasant ride.......

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