'New' bike - Gitane

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'New' bike - Gitane

Postby craker » Sun May 26, 2013 20:34 pm

So I pranged my bike on Monday and instead of blowing £300 on a new frameset (Mrs L inisists we haven't got it) I bought this off my neighbour, who bought it at auction in Holland and was seeking my advice for a price on ebay.


Now I thought Gitane was a brand of Gallic cigarettes. No matter, it weighs a bit, comes with dynamo lighting. The chrome is in decent condition, the tyres are shot though and I don't want to invest in 28" tyres. Seat is top notch - I paid him £40 on account of this :-)

Now I'm a bit of a roadie, I just can't see myself getting lycra'd up to get this thing to and from work. What does one wear on a European touring bike anyway?

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Ed J
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Re: 'New' bike - Gitane

Postby Ed J » Sun May 26, 2013 20:45 pm

Something along these lines


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Re: 'New' bike - Gitane

Postby team47b » Mon May 27, 2013 08:06 am

Take a couple of suitcases, on those racks, with a choice of outfits, tweed for chilly weather, sowester and wellingtons for the more inclement days :D

Another gitane...

http://www.custojusto.pt/Leiria/Bicicle ... r=2&last=1
my isetta is a 300cc bike

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