Fork recommendations. Again.

Discuss the eternal "Which fork/bike/tyres should I buy?" questions.
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Fork recommendations. Again.

Postby Wheelspinner » Sun Jun 23, 2013 23:57 pm

Done to death perhaps, but will ask anyway.

I have a Storck Rebelion hardtail (carbon) frame, fitted with a rigid carbon Syncros fork because it's currently used mainly on easy trails, or (horrors) road with slicks where it is a hoot. Running on Stans ZTR Alpine wheels, and a 1*9 drivetrain. I'm about 80 kg, and looking to go back to riding some light XC stuff for fun, no racing or crazy stuff. (Hey, I've had one broken neck already, I can do without another one.)

I love this frame - it's ridiculously light, strong, rides great and looks good. 8)

But, I figure some front suspension will help the comfort factor off road .

So, requirements are:

- About 100 mm travel, give or take, which is what the frame was designed for. Steering is super quick as is, so if a 120 mm fork would slow that down a touch, I'd have no problem.
- Light, and bling. In its current build it weighs about 9 kg. I like that...
- Simple to set up and maintain
- Lockout
- 9 mm QR, because I can't be ar$ed changing my wheelset.
- Straight 1.1/8" steerer
- IS Mount brake so I don't have to change calipers or mess with adaptors would be nice.
- Budget not really a serious issue. I may be a crap rider, doesn't mean I can't appreciate quality gear though!

I know that's all a bit old spec, given everything now is tapered steerer and 15mm QR or more, but...


DT Swiss XRC 100? Silly money, but is it any good??? Sure ticks the bling box.
Rock Shox SID XX Dual Air?
Any others recommendations welcome!

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Re: Fork recommendations. Again.

Postby The Rookie » Mon Jun 24, 2013 05:51 am

SID, also SS has been raving recently about the latest Manitou 7 so worth considering.

Although it got a poor review on here, that seems a one off, so consider the Magura Durin, comes as 9mm.

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