tyre/wheel for Tricross

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tyre/wheel for Tricross

Postby boyse7en » Fri Jul 05, 2013 21:22 pm

I've got a Specialized Tricross Sport. Bought it back in 2008 and haven't done much on it until this year, when I'm using it to commute to work (13 miles each way) several times a week plus a longer ride (25 miles at the moment, but building up!)

It's currently got Borough 32mm tyres on it, which i'm thinking of changing for some sort of slick - any recommendations?

And should I change the wheels (Alex ACE-19 rims with Spesh 32 hole hubs) for something a bit better, or is it not really worth it?

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Re: tyre/wheel for Tricross

Postby mattv » Fri Jul 05, 2013 21:41 pm

If it's all road miles, stick a pair of strong 700x23 or 25 slicks on. This will make a massive resistance difference. Lighter wheels will help, but it's over £150 to get anything noticeably better.

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Re: tyre/wheel for Tricross

Postby Luv2ride » Sat Jul 06, 2013 18:59 pm

I put some 700 x 28 tyres on my Tricross, also changed to Planet X AL30 wheels. Feels heaps better and definitely faster..
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