Some Specialized 2014 Secteur and Sirrus Info

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Some Specialized 2014 Secteur and Sirrus Info

Postby amack » Fri Jul 12, 2013 21:06 pm

I have been keeping an eye out for info on the next range of Specialized bikes and came across these two pages from a Japanese site.



Just in case anyone is interested or can't wait for something official very soon :D Having seen the new disc equipped Whyte road bikes (Dorset and Somerset) I was hoping Specialised (I know they had one disc model this year) and others would follow suit and this seems to be the case. Obviously I have no idea if all these models will be available over here, but we'll soon find out i guess.
BTW I like the hidden cabling for the Secteur, like the Whyte bikes looks much neater and suits the frame.

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Re: Some Specialized 2014 Secteur and Sirrus Info

Postby mattv » Fri Jul 12, 2013 21:27 pm

It'll be interesting to see how they've sorted the fork flutter/ brake squeal issue on zert forks with disc brakes. This year they had a fork identical to a tarmac sl4 to stiffen it all up then 28c tyres to add comfort. The colours of the sirrus look very Japanese and quirky too, I kinda like them!

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