flat bars . brake levers and shifters

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flat bars . brake levers and shifters

Postby bertypreston » Sun Jul 14, 2013 20:40 pm

Hi, I've built myself a road bike from parts, decided to change to flat bars (prob with bar ends) . Can anyone recommend how do can do this cheaply. I'll need the bars , break levers and shifters (rapid fire type). Happy to buy used off eBay or similar just not sure what to look for. Currently running 2x8 drivetrain.

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Re: flat bars . brake levers and shifters

Postby knownothingbozo » Mon Jul 15, 2013 20:23 pm

Just done the same for my wife, flat bar about £20, brake levers £25, grips (ergo with bar ends) £25, the biggest cost was the shifters, £85 for ultegra, all this for a ten speed triple. I am rubbish at bike mechanics but actually found it very easy, was able to re use all cables, indexing actually easier than normal. All out stuff was brought new but I imagine you can do it very cheaply on eBay.
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