Boardman Team FS main pivot bolt and bearing removal

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Boardman Team FS main pivot bolt and bearing removal

Postby matt_wood87 » Mon Aug 19, 2013 17:08 pm


I recently picked up a Boardman Team FS 2011/2012 model as my first full suspension bike and as it was second hand I wanted to strip it down and give it a full service. I managed to remove the rear pivot bearings, removed the crank, then got stuck with the main pivot behind the crank.

There is an Allen bolt on either side, so I put a key in each and loosened it off, this removed one bolt and the black shroud that covers the bearing, the other bolt now just spins but doesn't come out. I presumed this meant that it should just push out as it's a through-bolt, so I screwed the bolt that I removed in a little bit then tried to use that to push the bolt out of the other side but it didn't want to budge. I gave it a squirt of WD-40 and a few taps with a hammer to try and loosen it up, but without any luck (also not hitting too hard as I'm not sure that's the way it should come out.

Does anyone have experience with this bike and know how to get it out? I'd be grateful for the advice!



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