Indigo Vuelta AR2 or white triban 3?

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Indigo Vuelta AR2 or white triban 3?

Postby rogerhayllar » Sun Aug 25, 2013 21:51 pm

I've been looking for a decent low end road bike to see if road biking is for me and I was pretty sure on a red triban but I can't seem to ever get one in stock, so I was just about to get the white one. I was just browsing when someone linked to this bike,-Sports-Road-Bike,-18-Speed.html#.Uhp7CRukqnE
Its specs are nearly the same as the old triban and it looks pretty nice. I guess the whole rrp £600 is ****, but even so, it looks alright.
Should I order this or does it look like a con; it reminds me a bit of viking bikes and they're not exactly great. Or is the white triban better?

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