Mavic Aksium freewheel issue?

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Mavic Aksium freewheel issue?

Postby BigMat » Tue Aug 27, 2013 08:55 am

My Mavic Aksium Race rear wheel has started playing up. The bearings were a bit gritty which I wasn't too fussed about (commuting wheel) but then it developed what I thought was most likely a problem with the freewheel. Basically, when the wheel is rotating then the cranks rotate - forwards and backwards the same, like on a fixed! If you hold the cranks then the wheel continues to spin but there is clearly some resistance there. Anyway, I took it along to my local bike shop as they have a "Mavic authorised" sticker in the window. Picked it up the other day and the guy said it wasn't the freewheel it was just that it needed new bearings which he had done. As I pushed it home (couldn't ride as had the kids with me) I noticed that the cranks were still turning. I went straight back and the guy told me that this was normal because sealed cartridge bearings are always a bit stiff to begin with and that it would stop happening after a few miles (he was non-committal on how many). Now, I'm a bit concerned about this. Basically the wheel is exhibiting exactly the same problem as when I took it in. I also asked him to look at the headset and realised shortly after I set off to work this morning that the guy hadn't tightened any of the steerer bolts (lucky I spotted that one quickly!) and the headset is loose. He had also managed to thread the rear mech cable between the front brake caliper and cable (I'm agog - he wasn't even meant to touch the brakes - no end cap on it either but I guess that's minor). So, given these various issues, I'm concerned that his explanation for the wheel may not be 100% accurate. Have tried to contact Mavic but their website just says go to dealer - anyone here have any views?

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Re: Mavic Aksium freewheel issue?

Postby mark3chapman » Tue Aug 27, 2013 09:17 am

had the same problem with a old ksyrium wheel.i think it was the hub assembly had worked itself loose.took it to a lbs who stripped and reassembled it and i had no more was a fewyears ago so cant remember the details.if it were me id take it to another bike shop and let a decent mechanic have a look.sounds like you were been fobbed off!

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