Does Shimano plan to produce new single speed brake levers?

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Does Shimano plan to produce new single speed brake levers?

Postby billysan » Sun Sep 01, 2013 14:57 pm

Looking for anyone with inside knowledge here, who hopefully can confirm anything.

Shimano currently sell the BL-R600 brake lever, this having the correct cable pull ratio for the older generation brake callipers (BR-7800, BR-6600, BR-5600 etc). These brakes have all now been superseeded with the newer type with a modified cable pull ratio (BR-9000, BR-7900, BR-6800, BR6700, BR5700 etc). All STI levers from 105 up now only work with the new type brakes. They also updated the TT brake lever from BL-TT78 to BL-TT79 to be compatable with the new style callipers, however they dont appear to have an updated single speed drop bar lever to date.

However, the Di2 levers, including BL-6770 could easily be sold without the electrical internals to perform this purpose. They are almost there actually, the Alfine Di2 left hand lever is exactly this:

Does anyone know if Shimano are going to make a matching right hand version, and sell as a pair?

I appreciate this is a limited market, however I cant believe they dont have an alternative for the Sram S900 carbon SS lever. I currently have these, but would swap in an instant for the much nicer shaped shimano hood.

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Re: Does Shimano plan to produce new single speed brake leve

Postby ride_whenever » Sun Sep 01, 2013 16:52 pm

I can't find the parts on madison currently but you should be able to order all the parts of the shifter without the electronics as per this document

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