Frame warrantys

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Frame warrantys

Postby sienna » Fri Oct 11, 2013 21:07 pm

Hi everybody,

first time i have posted anything since joining so hopefully wont break any rules. A friend of mine had purchased a carbon framed pinnacle road bike from Evans cycles in 2011 . Not having used the bike much and probably only clocked up about 1000 miles he noticed ( at the end of may this year ) what appeared to be 2 cracks in the frame.To cut a long story short, after a frustrating long length of time trying to make contact( lost e- mails,phone messages ,numbers etc ) they finally collected the bike and he has not seen it since,that is over 18 weeks since he first contacted them. We could really go into a lot more detail but i wont bore you with it, lets just say it has been really frustating time for him and he has been a lot more patient than i would have been. I was wondering if anybody else has come up against this very low level of customer service. One other question am i able to use Evans cycles as my subject name

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Re: Frame warrantys

Postby KentPhil » Fri Oct 11, 2013 21:18 pm

hope this isn't like this thread:
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Re: Frame warrantys

Postby Kajjal » Fri Oct 11, 2013 21:35 pm

When dealing with this kind if issue you have to be very clear and to the point. Also you have to be realistic, how long is the warranty on the frame ?

If it is out of warranty then you are relying on good will from the retailer. Not fully understanding this from Evans side or your side it is hard to really comment. If you are sure you have a claim just write an EMail to the chief executive of Evans to explain everything and ask them to take a look at the issue. If you do make sure the EMail is brief, to the point and not full of emotional comments. Companies know the value of a good brand name and work hard to maintain them.

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