V-brake compatibility with drop bar extension levers

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V-brake compatibility with drop bar extension levers

Postby coinneach » Mon Oct 14, 2013 15:34 pm

I have drop handlebars with brake levers on the hoods + extensions on the flats (modern ones, not the old hospital ones)
My canti brakes are finished and they have never been that good.
I've put on calipers, but the hole in the fork isn't wide enough for proper insertion
I'm thinking of putting a v brake- any problems/compatability issues?

thanks in advance

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Re: V-brake compatibility with drop bar extension levers

Postby nicklouse » Mon Oct 14, 2013 15:36 pm

Vs need more cable pull so will not work unless your brake levers are Canti-V switchable.

Mini Vs should work.

is this on a CX?
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Re: V-brake compatibility with drop bar extension levers

Postby Clank » Mon Oct 14, 2013 16:42 pm


I ran these after I got sick of canti's on my CX - a vast improvement.

I was running Tiagra shifters and found I had to set the blocks fairly close to the rim (I had to slacken the cable to drop the wheel when I running tyres over 32mm width), but they were a significant upgrade, offering a lot more braking power and plenty of modulation. A full length v-brake will just open up a whole world of hassle.

Another benefit was the elimination of the brake judder that plagues CX bikes.
Further, I found the secondary levers unnecessary as I could get sufficient breaking power when riding on the hoods.
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