A2Z hubs

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A2Z hubs

Postby thecycleclinic » Mon Oct 14, 2013 20:22 pm

Well I thought I would post my experiences with these. I bought these in March and was impressed by the low weight 380g for the pair or was it less. I bought them as I was curious and knew nothing about them. I built them into my light racing wheels (26") and for the dry races this summer they were fine until I took them out on Crest CC off road sportive last month. Admitldly the hubs did get submerged in mud but I have thrown worse at my hopes XC Pro's for years now and they refuse to die. When I got back home I reliased the bearings all of them were shall say square.

On dimantleing the hubs I found they used 15267 bearings which INA SKF and NTN do not make. So all that you can buy is NBK bearings, fine I thought they are not the best but they will have to do. Now as a mechanic I have never had an issue with fitting new bearings, and the fronts came out fine and went in O.K the rears however did not. While they came out, even with my rather fancy Wheels Manufacturing bearing press the new bearings would not press in straight. I got them in in the end but it required far more care than normal which indicates how parrallel the bearing seats are. When the 6902 outer freehub body bearing was pressed in it popped out again when I tried to pass the axle through which tells you how well the that was machined.

It is the bearings that are the problem and the quality of the machining of the bearing seats with these hubs.

All in all avoid these. I have now bought some XTR M985 hubs and will be rebuilding the wheels. These A2Z hubs are not even cheap but I suppose I had to try.

I might see if I can get the bearing seat machined out to 28mm ID instead of 26 then I can fit a decent 15x28x7mm bearing for longer life. The freehub body will attention also.
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