Do you do "spinning"?

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Do you do "spinning"?

Postby chipoleany » Fri Oct 18, 2013 03:52 am

So I went to the gym to take part in my first "spinning" class as I've missed a couple of weekend rides due to rain.

My review is a load of rubbish. Over half of it was out of the saddle which felt very unnatural on those machines. After 15 minutes I just ignored the instructor and stayed in my seat sweating like a pig in the corner (mirrors were steamed up like a shower room by the end).

2/10 won't go again

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Re: Do you do "spinning"?

Postby stealf » Fri Oct 18, 2013 07:21 am

Yes and I like it. Completely agree real world cycling is a far better option but occasionally time goes against me and an hour spin 'class' is the better option of trying to face city traffic for an hour. TO be honest it also helps increase cadence speed and also as OP states, ignore instructor and do you own thing means you can interval train to your hearts content. Just ignore the instructors 'Oi, you at the back' abuse.
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Re: Do you do "spinning"?

Postby kwozzymodo » Fri Oct 18, 2013 07:24 am

I do 'Spinning'. I think it's a good supplement to 'proper' riding. I think it provides an opportunity for additional aerobic exercise and, potentially, strength building, if you are able to run higher 'gearing' than the instructor indicates. However, having done a 5-month stint of spinning over the winter months last/this year, getting out on the road was a bit of a shock. With roadwork, you are constantly changing power/cadence to reflect the road terrain, and you are dealing with wind resistance, etc.

I also quite like spinning; it's more 'engaging' than the turbo, as there's a fair amount of 'banter' going around the class during a session - depends also on the 'quality' of the trainer - if they are a 'cyclist' versus an 'instructor'.

Give it a few weeks and you might start to like it - it won't be doing you any harm anyway.

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Re: Do you do "spinning"?

Postby Mikey1976 » Fri Oct 18, 2013 08:48 am

I used to do spinning class every week once a week, like OP have said its a good supplement to road cycling.

Ive now taken up Wattbike training class and its 100% better then a standard spin class. Run by cyclists, and mainly attended by cyclists.

Every power zone is individualised based on a 3 minute test you have at the start of the course, unlike spinning where by everyone has to turn up the resistance to the same level at the same time.

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Re: Do you do "spinning"?

Postby thistle (MBNW) » Fri Oct 18, 2013 08:52 am

I used to go but haven't been for a while.

It really depends on who is taking the class and often the better instructors only do a few classes.

I've found the instructors who sell the classes on the fact that they are a cyclist do the worst classes (45 minutes at the same cadence is mind numbing).

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Re: Do you do "spinning"?

Postby markhewitt1978 » Fri Oct 18, 2013 08:54 am

thistle (MBNW) wrote:I've found the instructors who sell the classes on the fact that they are a cyclist do the worst classes (45 minutes at the same cadence is mind numbing).

But probably the best thing for your fitness.

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Re: Do you do "spinning"?

Postby Ric/RSTSport » Fri Oct 18, 2013 08:56 am

why do you think that riding at the same cadence is good for your fitness?
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Re: Do you do "spinning"?

Postby ms » Fri Oct 18, 2013 17:08 pm

I occasionally do a spin class during the winter just to supplement my cycle training and to add a bit of variety away from the turbo.
I agree its all about how good the instructor is, the class I attend is led by our triathlon club coach so is more cycling specific as opposed to other classes at the gym which are more fun and fitness focused.
Ive just started on a weekly watt bike course and its very good, focusing on your individual specific training levels determined by a pre assessment test, also good to watch your on screen pedalling technique analysis which you don't get at spin class.

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Re: Do you do "spinning"?

Postby Carl_P » Fri Oct 18, 2013 21:08 pm

madasahattersley wrote: the classes are just aimed at normal people to have a good workout.

LOL think I know what you're trying to say, but there is nothing wrong with being normal and having a good workout :)

I do 3 x 30 min spin classes a week, plus weight training, plus core work and a couple of cycle rides (1 long, 1 short) at weekends. It all complements each other, I'm fitter than ever and look pretty good in lycra :)

Must admit in spin classes I sometimes do my own thing depending on the instructor, and it has helped my pedalling technique.
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Re: Do you do "spinning"?

Postby Kajjal » Fri Oct 18, 2013 21:25 pm

Not for me I would rather be outdoors even in the poorer weather.

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Re: Do you do "spinning"?

Postby Grifteruk » Wed Oct 23, 2013 08:27 am

Yes I do it, along with 26 other members of our club in a dedicated session every Thursday evening.

As a club we have negotiated a discounted rate with the local gym for a block booking. We have tailored it to our own needs by making it more difficult that your average spinning session and omitted a lot of stuff which does not suit us.

Last year we had an average of 15 people attending, this year the class of 27 is full every week and we are oversubscribed. It has proven popular with all from club riders to racers, so a broad range of people see this as a good way to maintain a bit of fitness. Having run it for the past 2 years, all those attending have reported a benefit and generally the club has improved.

Don't know if other clubs do this or not, but it has also been a good way of attracting new members. However we still operate evening chain gangs for those who enjoy the wind, rain and cold as well :?

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Re: Do you do "spinning"?

Postby cougie » Wed Oct 23, 2013 23:58 pm

I do it - and teach it. I take it very much like a turbo session - so not too different from something I'd be doing in my garage. You do have to change it a bit - the students aren't normally cyclists - so they need variety.
We do sprints, hills and out of the saddle climbs - but never 50% of the class. And if anyone wants to stay seated - thats fine. So long as they aren't using stupid tough gears - that is cool with me.

Outside is much better - but I can get a good workout in 45 mins or so. I do both if I can. Usually one after the other.

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Re: Do you do "spinning"?

Postby suzygarbo » Fri Oct 25, 2013 21:55 pm

A couple of weeks ago I bought myself a spinning bike for my spare room and its the best thing I ever did because if I am short of time or its raining I get to keep my fitness up without missing out. Plus I change my workouts every time, I think it's great!

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Re: Do you do "spinning"?

Postby DeEmBe » Tue Oct 29, 2013 12:28 pm

I do RPM class once a week to supplement my riding and find it really, really good. It's more cycling specific than spinning and it helps that our instructor is a cyclist herself. If there is one near you it might be worth giving it a try, it really is a world away from spinning.

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Re: Do you do "spinning"?

Postby tom3 » Tue Oct 29, 2013 13:17 pm

suzygarbo wrote:A couple of weeks ago I bought myself a spinning bike for my spare room and its the best thing I ever did because if I am short of time or its raining I get to keep my fitness up without missing out. Plus I change my workouts every time, I think it's great!

Just done exactly the same. Argoose for £200 and with everything being fully adjustable the wife can use it too.

Massive flywheel so I can stand up and stamp on the pedals with the resistance turned up for climbing intervals.

I just put my headphones in and the time flys with a targeted session.

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Re: Do you do "spinning"?

Postby PerformingMonkey » Tue Oct 29, 2013 13:21 pm

I spin once a week as a supplement to all my other training. Find them an excellent way to get in a really intense 45 minute workout in any weather.

Maybe the OP just took part in a bad class. We have some great instructors here which make the classes a lot more beneficial. Some definitely treat the class as an indoor ride, talking us through the climbs, the flat and even mini sprints. Others treat each music track as an interval. Both ways work.

We also benefit from some really adjustable bikes so I can get as close to my Allez's geometry and feel as possible.

I am not sure I would really get much more out of the equivalent time if I was left to it in my garage on a turbo.

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